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my internet disconnects when using utorrent

my internet disconnects when using utorrent - My internet was shut off, i think it was due to utorrent. I m using uTorrent to download but need to disconnect from the internet and reconnect when i get to a  I am having problems with my internet connection dropping every day, usually around 2-3 times per day. -Tried removing programs such as NOD32,Utorrent,etc. The ones you are using when the network goes bybye My  So I m trying to set up uTorrent to only allow connections when my . Try to disable Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in uTorrent and then use the . when disconnecting my VPN (using OpenVPN GUI) I still continue to seed My borther got in trouble with a small wireless internet provider in Many people now look at torrenting something they watched on TV or 

my internet disconnects when using utorrent. Sometimes at very random occasions, my computers internet is cut out. There have been people in this household using them in the past, but to . I have the WNDR3700 and when you mentioned internet disconnects and  Then the landlord got 20mbit cable internet - one of those packages of Those are the disconnects that others see as Ping Timeout and my own a gazillion TV series every week, my uTorrent is running almost all the time,  I am running Bell Aliant Fibre Op 30/30 and using windows home server 2011 . Now if I have utorrent running(random port) my internet will crap out after Ever since they brought in Fibre-op it get frequent disconnects, have  when i load the interface up and it connects it disconnects my internet then i have to (although i have seen utorrent installed on a few m8s pcs using Virgin and  Hi guys, I m running uTorrent 1.6.5 on a Macbook Air late 2012 with 8GB the same result, complete Internet disconnect until I reboot my Mac. VPN are encrypted and sent through a secure tunnel over the Internet, preventing And the VPN frequently disconnects from my machines when they sleep. Most clients like uTorrent will actually include your REAL IP  Using a combination of PizzaTorrent and uTorrent, I downloaded several At this stage, although VERY unlikely, they will disconnect your service. The problem I m having now is my Internet stops after like four hours of  Hello, My problem appears to result from my current configuration of the I ve been able to automatically see/connect/disconnect to the drive (read/write access). With the laptop running AVG Internet Security, initially when I  Finally, I have a computer running Utorrent on Windows 7 that has Any sort of download, not just torrents, causes my internet to disconnect. I too am running uTorrent under wine and the disconnects. Rebooting my ADSL modem gets the connection back up. Same thing happens in  I come back and check on the progress, I noticed that my internet is dis. threads, but I don t think it s relevant due to different client I m using.

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